Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Tamil New Year 2012

This year is born with a beautiful name, Nandana... Its a very sweet name from its many past weird not so mouthful names. Hope this year passes by breezily like the name for all of us.. The Vishu Kani at our home..

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Mankatha, now the only mantra in kollywood. I just entered home after watching the chilling Mankatha movie. To start with I shud def say, its a sterotypical THALA movie.I have read the exact copy of this movie in some James Hardley chase books. Though am an avid movie watcher am not good at giving reviews, but from the moment this movie was released I got rave reviews about it which kindled me to pen it down here.

First of all, Thala Ajith's acquantaince are perninal, even after a long gap of his movies, the gala and josh was not reduced in theaters for his movies. Ajith looks flavored the movie very well. His formal dressing, with cigars in mouth, shades on eyes and whites on hair looked very good for the role. The movie is all about a heist, Ajith executing it and Arjun defending it. Its really appreciating for "betting and Booking" theme to be introduced in Tamil movies, which usually survives on remakes(intentionaly, internationally), cupid love themes or no theme at all. The director has tried to film something new out of the conventional rules.

People claim the first half as slow, tat is mainly bcas of the concept. Betting n Booking is almost like 2G Spectrum n Jan Lokpal Bill. We might have heard these names many a times in news but when we are asked to explain about them in detail we look up. So, the director has consumed few scenes to show, What is betting n booking, How its done in networks, and how powerful the underground world is with huge black money rolling with them.

Arjun's entry was more appealing than Ajith's and he has done his role in all butter and bread, getting applauds. I was wondering why Andrea was posed in such small role(???) . Trisha's role was just a breezy wand used by the director and she does nothing to write more on her.
Songs, according to me gives a negative fade to the movie. They never merged with the story. I liked the Vilayadu Mangatha and BGM. Yuvan failed to give a decent tune for us to hum. Nothing lingers, they were just passing clouds.

Second Half was fast and well screened. Ajith's sheer screen presence was seen in second half and proved that his mere presence can pull the movie fast. Though the movie involves loads of violence scenes, it was handled intelligently. Director beautifully eliminated all emotinal, sentimental drags and even handled death with smile. Its a movie where you come out of the theater with smiling face irrespective of bullets firing, cars rolling, building burning. You are entertained to expectations and dime spent.

Overall, Go to theater, remove your logical shoes, reasoning coat, sit back and enjoy Thala movie clapping and whistling for his appreciable screen gestures.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Observing My Observation

Crimes never end in the city, same time good guys catching bad guys also never stops!
Best part,we both watching new series every time when we are done with one, also doesnt stop!

This time it is catching the bad guys with the help of a Psyhic, a brain manipulator along with the FBI. Psych is an American detective comedy-drama television series created by Steve Franks and broadcast on USA Network. As we are done with Prison Break, Dexter, Lost & Heros we thought its time to move on to something lively, fun, thrill and chill . Hence, after lotts of fishing the 'psych' series was trapped by us and soon it started topping in the recently watched list in our Netflix account.

The main theme of the series is the "Heightened Observational skills" of the hero. I was greatly impressed by that theme and started mimicking myself like that hero in my everyday life. I went on to do small excercise by observing my observational skills.. Phew, everything lost! Only after I started noticing small small things around me,I really found out how colourful n useful my home is.. I found a small teddy bear bottle opener in my kitchen stash. I open it everyday, but have never seen the opener before and infact we used to borrow opener from friends n got a new one recently.After deep investigation over it I found it was bought by me n my hubby an year ago at a nearby fair.

I have noted a tinge of slight shadow on my bedroom wall. When u look on them in a particular angle they diffract different colours and looks like a rainbow inside the room. Flashback - I have spilled some oil on the floor which was splashed on the wall few months before. Now, the Sojourn through this picturesque wall looks more lovely reflecting colors when sunlight kisses it. I was amazed thinking how wonderful it wud be to notice everything around us deeply. Infact its a way of meditation in one form as u do every small thing with caution and full-heart. Improving observational skills is not burning the midnight oil concept. Its like hibernation, which takes time to get utilized. I found a very interesting VDO about observational skills. It makes you feel volatile. Check out.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Back in Action

Here am back in a different form, different attitude and personality. Yeah, now that am a married gal(woman). A brief recap of me in the past year for you- Like fish n chips combo, my parents thought this groom n myself wud make up a good pair and yes, till now we are. Got married to not so unusual software engineer working in US. Henceforth I quit my softy job to be with him. Now am a full time home maker with work permit visa, waiting to somehow get permitted by a recruiter. Besides this I pass time sleeping, amateur photographing, trying to cook something tat flashes in mind the moment I open the fridge and see all sad veggies lying unused to days.. My husband is a nicest gentleman and copes with me in all my spectrum color moods. Then struck why not blogging again and now am here. I thought I should first clear out my blog which had loads of junk comments like selling of abs machine and some cracky hackers codes. As I was renovating the blog, I happened to notice my first early posts in this blog.We often read others blogs n webs, have u ever read ur own post which was written earlier? Try it out.. Its interesting.. Like an album its breezy to go through. I was able to figure out a gradual increase in my maturity through my writing. Things tat looked so great, now looks so silly and I was laughing myself out seeing those posts.I started this blog as a fun while in college just to show my frnds even I know something to do with system apart from Fb, orkut, gmail and gtalk. Later blogging turned into some serious business where I can very well talk about anything n everything.. My thoughts and rants reached some soul somewhere in the world, tat made me happy n encouraged me to write more. It always helped me to rediscover myself. I had stepped out of blogging for almost an year due to marriage n acquaintances and now am being kick-started by my sissy to blog again. So hereeeeeeeeeeee...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Here goes a story….
Like all other normal gals, she too had many expectations about him and was looking forward to meet him. She pampered herself both physically as well as mentally so, that she can handle the situation with a perfect touch. For past few days she faced all sorts of naughty giggles from her family and friends regarding this meet. She dressed up ready to face a new situation in life and for every few mins she kept checking herself at the mirror to make sure he faints when he looks at her for the first time. Actually, it was their first meeting in person so as to check their compatibility ratio between them. The gal’s family made all things ready to make the gal n the guy meet at the temple as planned. They were so happy to see their daughter glitter like diamond in traditional attire as they wished to see. The gal is basically quiet bubbly, lively n very merry go happy lucky gal, but she takes sum time to patch up initially. She needs a specially designed lock to make her continuous flow of words to stop. She had to glop up all energy-booster pills from office friends, family, coll friends and relatives for facing this. Though she was sure of being normal while meeting the guy, All the best calls n msgs from friends made her feel the real intense of the situation. She suddenly felt a cold wave passing thru her stomach. Omg!!! She thought for a sec,whole new family is coming just to meet her n ONLY her. All eyes on her… Gosh!
From the very same moment she became more conscious about herself. Meanwhile as planned the guy’s family too turned up with the formal welcome. The guy met the gal. She liked him at the first glance. The physical attribute category was first ticked in the checklist tat she had in her mind. Then she started pondering over other characteristic features in him tat she expected. He spoke well, calm cool. She again made note of it. But Poor gal, she failed to understand that even his checklist should all go well. She never noticed that because of her multiple tasking (Checking him, checking the dress, more conscious about her words) all her replies were very diplomatic n neither to point. She used to reply as sweet as crisp chocky. But she was totally out of way this time. The gal expected tat he will ask about their marriage, her acceptance. She prepared herself to reply with a blushing smile. But he didn’t… Tat made her lil upset. Thy ended up their long 45 mins conversation diplomatically by saying “Nice talking to u”. The moment they came back the gal’s parents who are more concerned when it comes to marriage saw their daughter’s face looking as fresh as a flower n came to conclusion tat she likes him. The gal n the guy then started talking to their respective parents. As per our societal laws, it’s the guys parents who decides about the final result… But they didn’t respond the way the gal’s family wanted…. Only then she thought about her faults… but no way she was in a position to make him understand tat u buddhu am a perfect match for u…. People may wonder y did I pen such a crap situational story. But def not, it holds so many hidden lessons inside it.
There r many amidst us who have faced such situations n missed their perfect match or who are about to face it in future.

1.Time is precious, raise up to it (She shud have become normal as soon as possible and shud have behaved as normal as possible)

2.Opportunity knocks just ones. Ones lost is lost… There is no other means to convey d guy, tat the gal is the perfect match.

3.Reply what others expect from u. unnecessary information is def not needed when she failed to know what he really wanted to know from her.

4.Always be yourself irrespective of any situations u face.

5.Never make judgments about the person within a short time.