Monday, January 26, 2009

Repulic Day Resolution!!

Today is 60th republic day of India.. I woke up lil early around 6am and started my day as usual. Later, i was surfing thru channels n atlast found Republic parade Live prog was telecasted in NDTV n CNN/IBN.So, settled to watch it. But i was continuously disturbed by the screams of the kids who were playing in the playarea of our flats, as it is holiday.. ALmost around 12 to 15 kids were playing. Tat provoked me with lil queries.. How many of us watch these Parade prog in Tv????
I think during my childhood days,we didnt have cable channel connection at home... So, we used to watch these Republic day parade at India Gate with great Enthu as it was the only choice.. Tat interest kindles us in knwing abt many politicians, leaders and the political happeneings around us.. But i think, this younger generation never shows much interest to watch all these.
Its the parents duty to make our children watch all these..cas, only in these occasions we get some opportunity to see the whole strength of India, What India is all about, etc. The Orgins of each state tableau caravan gives us clear picture of each state. It potrays their culture and heritage of their respective state beautifully.. The brave embellishments of the army, navy and airforce solidiers with their wagons parading is defenitely a maganificient sight to watch.
These small things make huge difference in the small buds minds. Atleast in these days we can avoid watching movies, songs, progs and denote time for such valuable time pass.JAI HIND!!!!