Thursday, May 29, 2008


Atlast i found some time again to drop my thoughts.. Am here at my home settled with my parents after completing a sweet part of life cald College life!! Well, i just thought of tellin u frnds abt few things tat most of us have lost.. Here, my cousins( one 7 yrs and other 9 yrs old) have come home for their summer vacation.. Am the prey for their naughty acts.. Thy play all kinda prank and am the one who gets caught from elders.. ;( But still its quiet enjoyable to run behind them.. Well, yesterday my mom, aunt and my cousins went to circus and zoo and i escaped from this bore dayout plan.. i was really astonished to see my cousins eagerly planning to go to this mere circus and zoo.. Thy were so much excited.. Thy were just looking for this day since thy came here.. When thy returned back, thy gave me a sigh as if it was their best day in life!! I really dono how these lil humans gets contented happiness even with this small issues.. Seeing this, i remember my childhood days, even i go excited and merry for many things like wen my dad plans to take me out, my birthdays, while getting a new dress, new barbie doll, kitchen set.... etc.. These things in my life wud bring utmost happiness and pride in front of my scholar Kindergarden frns... ;) But now i wonder were have all these happiness gone?? Now, if someone asks me wat makes me happy... i really cud not give an absolute answer... Y is this change?? Is this wat cald maturity??......... watever it is, i think, those days which made me feel happy even for a small moments, was the days which i really lived.. As age increased, the happiness within ourselves decreased.. I know most of u frnds while reading this,might even feel the same as me. We grownups r in search of something n have lost our happiness... Dono wat we r searching n whether we got it or not in our life.. It aways remains invisible....
"Happiness is like butterfly, the more u chase the more it flies away from u , wen u leave it free, it sits on ur shoulders"

Sunday, May 25, 2008


There is good news for all fans of Jeffrey Archer – the best-selling novelist is touring India to promote his later offering A Prisoner of Birth. The life of the man is nearly as colourful as his novels. Archer, a former Member of Parliament also ran a Canadian company called Aquablast and was even gaoled for fraud. "Lots of people have colourful lives. It doesn't mean they can sit down and tell a story," Archer said.
In the Capital to launch A Prisoner of Birth, published by Macmillan, Archer is so overwhelmed by the Indian experience that he is already planning to set his next novel in India.
"After the Indian tour, my wife and I are taking a holiday and then I'm going to write. Possibly that's all I can tell you now that it takes place in India," he revealed.
A Prisoner of Birth and three volumes of A Prison Diary later, it is life behind bars that continues to fascinate the author. “It's the story of a young man who takes his girlfriend for dinner and asks her to marry him, (then) gets involved in a fight that has nothing to do with him,” Archer explained. But more than fascination, it is the pressure to deliver a bigger bestseller each time.
Love him or trash him, you just cannot ignore Lord Jeffrey Archer, whose works have been translated into 32 languages and have sold over 135 million copies.
For those who are new to the writer, this might be the right time to pick up A Prisoner of Birth, which is already a bestseller in India.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I really dono y, this darkness impresses me to pen down my thoughts.. I just wanted to drop down something, but dono wat to write or share with u folks.. Atlast i decided to share one of my recent experiences in life.. Well, my parents n my sis lived in Bang n its me, who is pondering my life at Chennai.. This hapened abt one and half months before.. I went to Bang, for aweekend to visit my family n thr we got a call tat my Grandpa at chennai was damn serious n so, we had to rush to see him.. No trains tickets, no flight tickets n not even a bus ticket we were able to book.. Afterall, this is the great characteristic essence of India... So, we decided to board atrain from bang early morning in an unreserved compartment.. I have never gone in such compartments n had to go forcefully for grandpa's sake.. My only worry was my sis son who is just one yr old.. So many questions raised in my heart... Will he like the place?? To crowded, how ll he sleep in this mess?? Too many pantry cars moving here n thr, will he get air?? By noon, wont he feel too sultry in this hot climate? Etc.. Etc... He used to cry n behave as a fuzzy child even in AC comp n so, i was scared how r we gonna manage this kid in this compartment...
Around, 5 clock morning, somehow by porters cost we got abt 3 seats.. so, myself, mom n sis settled with Pranav(sis kid). I didnt like the people around me cas, none of them wre of gud standard and all were just gaping us like something n tat made me feel uncomfortable.. I generally used to travel atleast a month from chennai to bang n vice versa.. My choice is always Ac, (for chennai's climate) or atleast normal reserved coupe, but Def a big NO to these smaller messy comp.. Travelling in Ac Comp, u can find, so called decent people, never ever care to give even a small smile to the co passenger.. Thy dig up their face into the some crap books or mag or daily paper n then sleep around for hrs with their IPOD's plugged into their ears.. Wen pranav cries their at times, everyone at tat comp gives a look, "y the Hell u people got into this comp n giving such a noise nuisance to us, Plz get down".. None of them cares, even if u miss ur baggage or ticket.. thy give u look as if, all r deaf n dum.. U can clearly see their eagerness to talk n curiosity to know from others abt them n which station thy gonna get down, afterall its human nature.. etc, but their only hindrence is Level n Mask.. People think, talking to strangers wud put them low infron of others.. so, thy control themselves n mask off their faces with a strict paint.. But still i liked tat way n got used to travel only with such people around me..Time slowly passed off n was watching people getting caught from TT for not taking ticket even for this unreserved.. Felt so sick n turned off my face to look out thru window.. Suddenly, i noted a family sitting in front of us.. Thy looked poor.. thy had 2 kids.. Both of them very very cheerful n lively.. Their smile brightened me from my sick feel.. Then, just adjacent to them were a old couple, going on the way to meet their son, there were few others arund us.. This family just took up a food box n thy had barely few idlies tat cud fill their four person's stomach.. Suddenly, the female gave 2 idlies in a clean plate with some chutney to my sis n said, the baby seems to feel hungry.., i can sense tat from his eyes.. y dont u give this food to him??? she was very pleseant n warm while giving us this.. n i cud smell her motherly affection she showed towards pranav.. i felt as if i got a slap on my face.. how sweet, this family was.. Thy had a big heart to share their less food, even to some starngers whom thy saw not even an hr b4.. Here lived God!! Then, i slowly started observing the people around.. Withinn an hour, everyone started talking to their neighbours, pouring out their hearts to them n even listened to others stories.. These 2 kids of my d poor family were on the lap of those old couples n thy were listening to some historic stories tat the old women was telling them... To my surprise, we reached chennai so very soon and our lil kid pranav not even showed any signs of uncomfortableness, infact he enjoyed seeing people doing different antics to him to make him laugh.. Dono how time flew off.. I used to feel like hell during my regular travel in a solitary ambience.. It made me feel tat these people, though thy r poor or uneducated, thy live their life for themselves.. Thy don act for others sake.. No artificiality in them... Very Natural.. No big thoughts abt their Dignity or respect.. nothing.. Thy only knew love n considers everyone as their own folks ... I had a gr8 experience during tat journey... It taught me a lesson tat day," life is beautiful wen u live naturally.. It turns complex wen u add atrificiality to it.. So, simple!";) Now, signing off folks,.. TC...

Monday, May 19, 2008


Its around 11 pm, a yet another silent filled night.. The Zen Garden music, by Kokin Gumi, is soothing my mind n soul.. My soul just walks deep into woods, dono, wat it is searching for ?? or wat it needs in life!! Today was the last day of my 4 years of coll days.. We had ERP semester exam today.. Asual, i kept alarm for 4.30 n woke up around 5.30.. Still, all units remained for revision....i started rushing up the portions n glanced thru.. Anyway, i managed to revise atleast 3 units n catch up the bus to coll around 8 clock.. God !! the bus was damn crowded n irritated me so much bcas of the blasting music of classical old unfamiliar tamil hits in high volume.. Noted two old men around 60's enjoying the songs by tapping their feet. cudn't belived how cud thy enjoy a thing, which really irritated others to the core.. Afterall opinion differs n these might be the duets tat he sung to the neighbour chick, early in his 20's.. (Nostalgia)
Hmm... then around 9 clock,i got down n reached the canteen, which turns into a study place with energy pills readily available to gulp.. As aroutine, my gang showed strong vision to rock the paper, n thy eventually, kept their powders dry.. Myself, being the all time 50% portion reader, just managed n acted to raise myself to tthe situation, afterall my only aim was not to leave hope!! Exam started n i just filled up all pages with legible handwritting, tats the only thing i can do.. After exam, my mates gave abad sigh saying, we forgot everything n wrote by our own ideas... Thy tell this everytime, but i wonder y the hell thy study again thorughly for neext exams..?? ;) Then, a feel of emptiness stuck up my throat.. Its time to leave this enjoyable place.. Huh.. This is life.. like, gaurav's song, even i sung the song "Am gonna miss my coll life" to myself n saw a last look of the coll.. Then we frnds went for a lunch.. Had a nice time n returned home with heavy heart.... An untold feel.. Actually, today i expected someone to return back to me in my life.. But just disappointment was gifted.. Anyway, all's for gud!! My eyelids r just closing automatically.. so, signing off now.. Tc..

Friday, May 16, 2008

Nostalgic Notes part2

Ah.. Its really easy for me to title these post as i am just updating it with part nos.. ;)
Hmm, was telling u folks abt the first yr n now its time to tell u guys abt second yr.. We four were together n believe me thr was no day in the coll tat we gals attented all full 8 hrs, we could not, even though we tried so much.. Those Canteen food smell n the Northy guys ramps outside the class wud drag us away from our Lecturers blaberrings.. In second yr, we included few guys also in our gang, need some bodyguards wen u get star category in a place la.. ;) (Kidding)These guys in our gang were awesome, each one had a diff and unique character of their own. Will tell u abt them later. Then, things went off well for me.. Had a gala time everyday at coll. We ourselves enjoyed but never knew tat thr were few orthodoxive gals in our class who really didnt like us going wild like this.. ;) Now i knew this , only from their writtings in my slam book.. I really felt so protective n cosy under my frnds arms during many of my hardships( like senior issue n raggings etc) Yr went off smoothly n our naughty things also scaled up..
Lemme list down my great works during those yrs.. ( Remember, gud frnds don leave u to do all stupid things alone)
*Mr Arun Kumar, took us electricals n electreonis subj.. Though he dislikes our gang for always chatting, one of my frnd had an eye for him.. So, i took a picture of him while he was taking the class, unfortuanately, the flash was ON in the camera.... OMG!! Rest, abt my plight u guys can imagine urselves..
*During German class, have Gone out of the class wen mam trying to impress us by busily talking to other gang in German in order to create interest for them.. Still i remember, only one sentence, for attending full 6 months of class.. ie. "Ich Liebe dich"(i love you)
* Ones we took tickets for a movie, n thought of bunking the noon session class, but unfortunately two of my frnds cud not come out of the class b4 sir entered, we just cooked up stories telling him tat a frnd of mine fainted, the sir turned too emotional n serious n gave phone no of our coll hospi n ambulance. He even gave us his personal no, n asked us to inform the well being of my frnd by evening.. Later, we cald him n told tat the Movie was Suck n better we cud have atteneded ur class......... ) lolz.. These r few strips of things tat stayed in my poor memory.. Lemme pen down abt the next 2 yrs of my coll life in my later post..
Reading my post back again, i myself feel drowsy n sleepy.. So sorry guys..;) Tc..

Thursday, May 15, 2008


This is a song which recently took place in my heart

Manasukul Manasukul Pudhu malai adikiradhe............

Nostalgic Notes!!

Am not at all gud in giving titles, jus as such naming them as i shud not leave the title column blank..
Well, its just yet another sunny day n as usual am jobless, dono wat to do. Most my days end up me thinking wat n how to while away time.. i was surfing thru many videos in Youtube n found my coll( SRM 's Milan culturals video) being uploaded by my one of my frnds..Feeling Nostalgic.. Now am in the verge of final yr n just two more days to end up my coll life.. Many questions arise in my mind.. Wat did i learn in this 4 yrs?? Only engineerin maths, java, c+,#, coding.. etc?? NOOOOOOOO is the answer, have learnt a LOT..... Many new experiences, new feels, new persons, new culture, new methodology., new foods, new.. new.. new.. many.. Think, coll chisled me and shaped me up in a rite way.. First yr, wat to say abt this yr, the coll was entirely new n i knew not even a Watchman or Ayyah b4 entering the campus.. It was as if i was let out in a new planet without anyone to hold me wen i fall off.. But thr happened a twist at tat situation n i met my frnds, whom am close till this sec.. Like our tamil Director Vikraman's movie, we all became very close frnds n started thinking we r the queen of tht planet within a song sequence.. :)Thus, a gang cald Fantastic Four was formed.. (Members: Ani, Divi,Gayu n Janu) First yr went off in a jiffy, n started knowing n talking to few selective guys in the class..
Will continue abt second yr n next 2 yrs in my next post.. Its already noon, n i hve to bath, only then mom ll give me atleast my afternoon lunch..... Tc.. ;)