Friday, July 3, 2009


I delibrately wanted to write this one as, this incident is urging my mind & heart since yesterday. I live in an wellknown apartment at a most happening place,Indira Nagar Bangalore. Almost thr r 50 houses in this apartment. Everyday an old woman of age around 70 comes to almost every house here and sells leafy vegetables like Spinach, Drumstick leaves, coriander, curry leaves etc. Anything tats good for health n home delivered is always a good charm for us. So, she was a regulator visitor. Recently a new association was formed in the apartment n thy threw many new rules. This old woman, is welknwn to me cas, she knws only tamil n we r tamilians too. So, she spends lil time at my home either talking to me or to my mom, telling us abt her own life. I knw how poor she is and i respect her hardwork, so wenever I see her anywere, how much ever i get in hand, like either 20, 50 or 100 bucks, i give her. I keep this as a habit. She too happily accepts it as she alwys treats me as her granddaughter n pampers me. She often worries abt my health, (Corporate late works) n brings some good spl green vegetables for me to have. So,it was a kinda loving relation we had between us. But recently she stopped coming to our house n cudnt find her anywere in the apartment too. Yesterday morning, while on my way to office, I found her sitting along the roadside. Was happy to see her back again cas, my mind was thinking something else abt her. Wen, i asked abt her absence,she immediately started weeping n told me tat, its our apartment association officials who told her not to come hereafter. ""Thy said, I should not use d lift to sell vegetables, for which the residents have to d pay electricity bill along with their house maintanence. So,thy told me if I want to sell my things I shud use the staircase. If not,tat wud be the last day for me to enter into the apartment.U tell me, how can I climb all the 7 floors. Now my income is completely gone. Am sick n my son is not taking care of me as i cudnot give him a penny for past a week. Dono y still God is letting me stay in this ugly world??."" Hearing all these just hurted me very badly. I gave sum money for her to get medicines and left for d office. Afterall I knw i cannot do anything in this. But tat disturbed me a lot. Cursed God for d lack of humanity even amidst well educated people. Rules can be rules.. But tat shud not stand b4 humanity. Our apartment kids use theses lifts for playing hide n seek n to go up n down just for fun. Tats just a moment of happiness for the children.But for this old woman its her life , its her bread… Y don these people understand this..Cant we pay a mere amount as common electricity bill for others to let them live in this world??? How narrow we humans are. ???

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


1.My Nephew- Mr Pranav. Wen he was just 4 days old. I cud still remember his new baby smell wen i first lifted him..

2.Me n Pranav- Wen i was in College.

3.Dad, Madhu akka and Kumar mama at temple with the hero!

4.Oh!! My favourite..
He turned one..

5.Maapilai pranav than aana ivar potruka dress ennodadhu!! :)