Friday, August 19, 2011

Back in Action

Here am back in a different form, different attitude and personality. Yeah, now that am a married gal(woman). A brief recap of me in the past year for you- Like fish n chips combo, my parents thought this groom n myself wud make up a good pair and yes, till now we are. Got married to not so unusual software engineer working in US. Henceforth I quit my softy job to be with him. Now am a full time home maker with work permit visa, waiting to somehow get permitted by a recruiter. Besides this I pass time sleeping, amateur photographing, trying to cook something tat flashes in mind the moment I open the fridge and see all sad veggies lying unused to days.. My husband is a nicest gentleman and copes with me in all my spectrum color moods. Then struck why not blogging again and now am here. I thought I should first clear out my blog which had loads of junk comments like selling of abs machine and some cracky hackers codes. As I was renovating the blog, I happened to notice my first early posts in this blog.We often read others blogs n webs, have u ever read ur own post which was written earlier? Try it out.. Its interesting.. Like an album its breezy to go through. I was able to figure out a gradual increase in my maturity through my writing. Things tat looked so great, now looks so silly and I was laughing myself out seeing those posts.I started this blog as a fun while in college just to show my frnds even I know something to do with system apart from Fb, orkut, gmail and gtalk. Later blogging turned into some serious business where I can very well talk about anything n everything.. My thoughts and rants reached some soul somewhere in the world, tat made me happy n encouraged me to write more. It always helped me to rediscover myself. I had stepped out of blogging for almost an year due to marriage n acquaintances and now am being kick-started by my sissy to blog again. So hereeeeeeeeeeee...

Thursday, August 18, 2011