Sunday, July 13, 2008


Huh..... Dono wat to start with, as it been many days i signed into blogger to write something.... Many new things in life kept me moving as a stream of water. To start with, i had lil prob in my eyes and undergone a small operation abt a fortnite back.... Was that a resaon for me to keep away from this machine?? Ney...... I got my eyes operated in Manipal hospital, By Doctor Manoj Mathai Anicatt MBBS, DO, MS, FRCS (UK). He was very gentle, patient frndly and mainly he had great patience to answer by very silly doubts abt the surgery.....Things after the surgery went well and i never had even a small hint of pain in my eyes showing tat, my eyes were operated..... Thanks for d doctor..... Alas, tat week went off as such, in bed, dark room resting, sleeping, doctor post operation consultation.. etc... Next week, as usual, i started feeling bored and bugged again.... So, thought of hunting for some temp jobs so as to occupy myself..... From front office to teacher level, i thought of joining somewere, atleast for free of cost so as to kill time lil usefully........ But i landed up in a gud job as a recuriter associate in an MNC company. Then, i saw Dhasavatharam movie in Lido mall.... Movie was quiet good, stood upto expectation... Than watching the movie, i was rather watchin Kamal's hardwork tats is displayed everywere on the screen..... A small touchy part during the movie session was, screening of our national Anthem b4 and after the movie twice in the theater... Tats really an appreciable duo by Lido officials.... Kudos to them.. Hope, everyone follows the same... Then, life just goes with new places, new pupil around me in office.... Shall update abt my experience thr soon as, i hve worked just 2 days thr, followed by weekend... Things at office r quiet gud and positive.. This now reminds me of the saying, "New Broom Sweeps well"
Hmm.. hope it stays new forever.... ;)


Sundar said...

Congratulations on the successful operation and landing the new job. Seems to be a good position. Whats the pay like?

Vidhya said...

Hey nice rendering. would u like to xchange links with me?????

Chindu's biography said...

Sure Vidhya.. lets swap it.. u have a very gud kitchen blog...

Srinivasa Chowdary said...

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