Saturday, September 13, 2008


Hmm.. after a long time am again into blogging. Oops, y don i do any thing in my life regularly?? Am d very best example of the quote, "Jack of all trades master of none". From young age my parents too wanted me to come into limelight n thy just tried out mny tricks, making me busy by putting me into different classes like, dance, music, Veena, aerobis, yoga n badminton.. etc.. But nothing cud pull me out from this laziness n this syndrome sticks to me till now.. Wen i see people who have speacialized talents apart from acadamics, i used to feel bad o myself tat y didnt i use any of d opportunites given to me.. Though i used to feel for asec , then i never give much big word for it.. Well, blogging was also started thinking tat i shud pen down all ma feels into this, so tat anyone who reads this shud be able to read me.. But i don blog often nowadays.. Again, i work under the saying, New Brooms sweeps well..
Anyway, today was kinda outing day, rather i cud say it was waiting day for me. Woke from bed around 8 clock, listening to my mom's usual blessings.. Started up my day with my usual green tea, my maid's sicking breakfast.. Mom and sis got ready for going out.. i wondered how in this world thy cud leave me alone and go for shopping..Thy said it is no way related to me and asked me to stick at home, but i compelled them inviting bad omens.. So, finally we set to go out.. Thought, driving the car by myself wud b a better option than callin for our driver.. Atlas we drove down to Bhima Jewellers.. Mom got her ordered gold bangles delivered.. Then, we headed to Star Bazaar, (Tata's mall)and i stepped into d mall after parking d car.. As soon as i entered, seeing d crowd mom said, its better someone stays near d lobby itself with these gold bangles as it is not safe to purchase monthly groceries with this.. And finally i was tat Someonne.. Thy gave me 100 bucks(for munching something for killing time) in hand, told me to wait just for half na hour.. half an hour, one hour, onen half hour and two hrs atlas.... i finished a black forest cake, Dounut and an ice tea.. Man, felt too bored, though i love watching people, but still it was too bad to sit idle for 2 hrs.. Then, i started feeling like going back home.. On d way while returning, sis plotted a super master plan and asked me to drop mom first at home and lets got for beauty saloon.. Thinking tat, even i can do something to pamper my skin, i thought its a gud idea... i generally stick only to a single saloon, cald "Fa madria" near my house and even my sis used to accomapny.. But this time, she took me to "Body and soul" her slimming and beauty institute.. She went for her regular slimmin session for an hour.,. She meant this as baeuty treatment, i mistook it as facial works.. Hmm,. since she wans me to pick her up, she again made me to sit thr at d lobby for an hour.. While comi back, i had my ever loving Panipoori.. Tat was my only happy thing tat happened today.. Yup!! i love them so much.. It was 4 clock, wen i enterd home.. then, as usual channel surfing, dinner and now bloging... ; Ends....


Sundar said...

Yeah, life is a little boring sometimes. But I thought you had a job? What happened to it?

And hey, why do you need any more slimming? Or is slimming just another term for something else?

JOE CAGE said...

lolz...with da kindda lyfe i'm livin rite now...ur lyfe seems like a fairytale 2 me...neat blog...i like it..keep rockin