Wednesday, July 1, 2009


1.My Nephew- Mr Pranav. Wen he was just 4 days old. I cud still remember his new baby smell wen i first lifted him..

2.Me n Pranav- Wen i was in College.

3.Dad, Madhu akka and Kumar mama at temple with the hero!

4.Oh!! My favourite..
He turned one..

5.Maapilai pranav than aana ivar potruka dress ennodadhu!! :)


Prabhu G said...

Pranav looks cute!! and i couldn't miss to notice ur profile pic.
u are looking great!! :P

i hope u find some time to write something. i guess ur fans are missing u!! :P

check out what i wrote when i didn't know what to write!!

Avin said...

These snaps definitely speak a million words :)

Chindu's biography said...

Fans!!!! omg... Prabhu, don bully.. lolz... Anyway, am writing down and hope to post it asap.

Chindu's biography said...

Thanks Avin!! :P

Prabhu G said...

Haaiii come on!! i am not bulling u!!
as matter of fact ur blog is one of my home page.. i will be waiting :)
Have Fun!!