Thursday, September 1, 2011

Observing My Observation

Crimes never end in the city, same time good guys catching bad guys also never stops!
Best part,we both watching new series every time when we are done with one, also doesnt stop!

This time it is catching the bad guys with the help of a Psyhic, a brain manipulator along with the FBI. Psych is an American detective comedy-drama television series created by Steve Franks and broadcast on USA Network. As we are done with Prison Break, Dexter, Lost & Heros we thought its time to move on to something lively, fun, thrill and chill . Hence, after lotts of fishing the 'psych' series was trapped by us and soon it started topping in the recently watched list in our Netflix account.

The main theme of the series is the "Heightened Observational skills" of the hero. I was greatly impressed by that theme and started mimicking myself like that hero in my everyday life. I went on to do small excercise by observing my observational skills.. Phew, everything lost! Only after I started noticing small small things around me,I really found out how colourful n useful my home is.. I found a small teddy bear bottle opener in my kitchen stash. I open it everyday, but have never seen the opener before and infact we used to borrow opener from friends n got a new one recently.After deep investigation over it I found it was bought by me n my hubby an year ago at a nearby fair.

I have noted a tinge of slight shadow on my bedroom wall. When u look on them in a particular angle they diffract different colours and looks like a rainbow inside the room. Flashback - I have spilled some oil on the floor which was splashed on the wall few months before. Now, the Sojourn through this picturesque wall looks more lovely reflecting colors when sunlight kisses it. I was amazed thinking how wonderful it wud be to notice everything around us deeply. Infact its a way of meditation in one form as u do every small thing with caution and full-heart. Improving observational skills is not burning the midnight oil concept. Its like hibernation, which takes time to get utilized. I found a very interesting VDO about observational skills. It makes you feel volatile. Check out.


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