Friday, May 16, 2008

Nostalgic Notes part2

Ah.. Its really easy for me to title these post as i am just updating it with part nos.. ;)
Hmm, was telling u folks abt the first yr n now its time to tell u guys abt second yr.. We four were together n believe me thr was no day in the coll tat we gals attented all full 8 hrs, we could not, even though we tried so much.. Those Canteen food smell n the Northy guys ramps outside the class wud drag us away from our Lecturers blaberrings.. In second yr, we included few guys also in our gang, need some bodyguards wen u get star category in a place la.. ;) (Kidding)These guys in our gang were awesome, each one had a diff and unique character of their own. Will tell u abt them later. Then, things went off well for me.. Had a gala time everyday at coll. We ourselves enjoyed but never knew tat thr were few orthodoxive gals in our class who really didnt like us going wild like this.. ;) Now i knew this , only from their writtings in my slam book.. I really felt so protective n cosy under my frnds arms during many of my hardships( like senior issue n raggings etc) Yr went off smoothly n our naughty things also scaled up..
Lemme list down my great works during those yrs.. ( Remember, gud frnds don leave u to do all stupid things alone)
*Mr Arun Kumar, took us electricals n electreonis subj.. Though he dislikes our gang for always chatting, one of my frnd had an eye for him.. So, i took a picture of him while he was taking the class, unfortuanately, the flash was ON in the camera.... OMG!! Rest, abt my plight u guys can imagine urselves..
*During German class, have Gone out of the class wen mam trying to impress us by busily talking to other gang in German in order to create interest for them.. Still i remember, only one sentence, for attending full 6 months of class.. ie. "Ich Liebe dich"(i love you)
* Ones we took tickets for a movie, n thought of bunking the noon session class, but unfortunately two of my frnds cud not come out of the class b4 sir entered, we just cooked up stories telling him tat a frnd of mine fainted, the sir turned too emotional n serious n gave phone no of our coll hospi n ambulance. He even gave us his personal no, n asked us to inform the well being of my frnd by evening.. Later, we cald him n told tat the Movie was Suck n better we cud have atteneded ur class......... ) lolz.. These r few strips of things tat stayed in my poor memory.. Lemme pen down abt the next 2 yrs of my coll life in my later post..
Reading my post back again, i myself feel drowsy n sleepy.. So sorry guys..;) Tc..

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