Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nostalgic Notes!!

Am not at all gud in giving titles, jus as such naming them as i shud not leave the title column blank..
Well, its just yet another sunny day n as usual am jobless, dono wat to do. Most my days end up me thinking wat n how to while away time.. i was surfing thru many videos in Youtube n found my coll( SRM 's Milan culturals video) being uploaded by my one of my frnds..Feeling Nostalgic.. Now am in the verge of final yr n just two more days to end up my coll life.. Many questions arise in my mind.. Wat did i learn in this 4 yrs?? Only engineerin maths, java, c+,#, coding.. etc?? NOOOOOOOO is the answer, have learnt a LOT..... Many new experiences, new feels, new persons, new culture, new methodology., new foods, new.. new.. new.. many.. Think, coll chisled me and shaped me up in a rite way.. First yr, wat to say abt this yr, the coll was entirely new n i knew not even a Watchman or Ayyah b4 entering the campus.. It was as if i was let out in a new planet without anyone to hold me wen i fall off.. But thr happened a twist at tat situation n i met my frnds, whom am close till this sec.. Like our tamil Director Vikraman's movie, we all became very close frnds n started thinking we r the queen of tht planet within a song sequence.. :)Thus, a gang cald Fantastic Four was formed.. (Members: Ani, Divi,Gayu n Janu) First yr went off in a jiffy, n started knowing n talking to few selective guys in the class..
Will continue abt second yr n next 2 yrs in my next post.. Its already noon, n i hve to bath, only then mom ll give me atleast my afternoon lunch..... Tc.. ;)

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