Monday, May 19, 2008


Its around 11 pm, a yet another silent filled night.. The Zen Garden music, by Kokin Gumi, is soothing my mind n soul.. My soul just walks deep into woods, dono, wat it is searching for ?? or wat it needs in life!! Today was the last day of my 4 years of coll days.. We had ERP semester exam today.. Asual, i kept alarm for 4.30 n woke up around 5.30.. Still, all units remained for revision....i started rushing up the portions n glanced thru.. Anyway, i managed to revise atleast 3 units n catch up the bus to coll around 8 clock.. God !! the bus was damn crowded n irritated me so much bcas of the blasting music of classical old unfamiliar tamil hits in high volume.. Noted two old men around 60's enjoying the songs by tapping their feet. cudn't belived how cud thy enjoy a thing, which really irritated others to the core.. Afterall opinion differs n these might be the duets tat he sung to the neighbour chick, early in his 20's.. (Nostalgia)
Hmm... then around 9 clock,i got down n reached the canteen, which turns into a study place with energy pills readily available to gulp.. As aroutine, my gang showed strong vision to rock the paper, n thy eventually, kept their powders dry.. Myself, being the all time 50% portion reader, just managed n acted to raise myself to tthe situation, afterall my only aim was not to leave hope!! Exam started n i just filled up all pages with legible handwritting, tats the only thing i can do.. After exam, my mates gave abad sigh saying, we forgot everything n wrote by our own ideas... Thy tell this everytime, but i wonder y the hell thy study again thorughly for neext exams..?? ;) Then, a feel of emptiness stuck up my throat.. Its time to leave this enjoyable place.. Huh.. This is life.. like, gaurav's song, even i sung the song "Am gonna miss my coll life" to myself n saw a last look of the coll.. Then we frnds went for a lunch.. Had a nice time n returned home with heavy heart.... An untold feel.. Actually, today i expected someone to return back to me in my life.. But just disappointment was gifted.. Anyway, all's for gud!! My eyelids r just closing automatically.. so, signing off now.. Tc..

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